Vincent St 102, North Perth


Constructed from 1914

Address is listed at 102 Vincent Street, Mount Lawley and also recorded as 102A and 102B Vincent Street, Mount Lawley.


The subject dwelling at Nos. 102A and 102B Vincent Street, Mount Lawley has some aesthetic value as an individual building displaying elements of the Federation Bungalow style of architecture. The dwelling has considerable aesthetic value in terms of its relation to the surrounding dwellings and the overall contribution to the style and character of places along this portion of Vincent Street. The aesthetic cohesiveness of the original dwellings is considered to be sympathetic and complementary to the vista of Hyde Park. The place has some historic value as it forms part of the evolution and pattern of the history of the Town of Vincent, with particular reference to the early part of the twentieth century following the Gold Rush period and the expansion of Perth and its outlying suburbs.

Conservation Recommended


The subject brick and tile dwelling was constructed circa 1914 in the Federation Bungalow style of architecture.

The dwelling is setback approximately 6 metres behind the footpath and sits centrally over two large lots. Along either side of the dwelling run two driveways, which lead to a rear garage along the western side and a carport along the eastern side. Elevated above the natural ground level by a limestone base the dwelling is accessed via five centrally located steps, which are headed by two short decorative plaster pillars. The dwelling has a symmetrical presentation to the street with a high pitched hipped tile roof that features twin front gables and a terracotta ridge and crest. The gables have a decorative infill, which comprises vertical and diagonal battens. Two tall brick chimney's protrude above the roof line of the building and comprise a rendered top and string course. A third chimney is located at the north east corner of the dwelling. A verandah, which is continuous with the steep main roof form, runs the full width of the façade. The verandah is supported by turned timber posts and has a flat arched valance detail. The verandah floor comprises timber boards, which are weathered. The dwelling has a central front entry, which comprises a timber door with side lights and a fan light. The entry is flanked on either side by identical bay windows with sets of three timber framed sash windows with decorative sill detail. Two rendered vermiculated bands run the width of the façade at sill and head height. The symmetry of the façade is some what distorted by the enclosure of the verandah return, along the eastern side of the dwelling, with a timber framed glass wall. The sleep out area was created in 1966 when the dwelling was converted into a duplex. Although an internal inspection of the place was not undertaken, City of Perth Building Licence Plans dated 1966, provide an indication of the floor plan after the place was converted into a duplex pair. A copy of the floor plan is contained within this Heritage Assessment. The subject dwelling is located along the portion of Vincent Street between Norfolk and Hyde Streets in Mount Lawley. This portion of Vincent Street comprises a consistent group of early twentieth century dwellings with the exception of the Parkside Flats, which are situated along the western side of the subject place. The Parkside Flats are an exemplar of the Interwar Mediterranean style of architecture and is listed on the Town's Municipal Heritage Inventory. All the buildings along this portion of Vincent Street have a consistent street setback and overlook Hyde Park, which is located directly opposite the subject place along the southern side of Vincent Street. Alterations to the rear

Social History

The subject place at No.102 Vincent Street, Perth was the second dwelling built along this portion of Vincent Street, between Hyde and Norfolk Streets, and first appears in the Wise Post Office Directories in 1914 and is occupied by Mr Archibald Hill-Rennie. Mr Hill-Rennie is listed in the Directories as the resident of the place until 1949. City of Perth Building Licence Plans dated 1966 document that the then owners Mr R E and Mrs D A Turner converted the dwelling into a duplex house of two occupancies. It is understood from the current owner that the place still maintains this dual occupancy.



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1915 Archibald Hill-Rennie
1916 Archibald Hill-Rennie
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1918 Archibald Hill-Rennie
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1944 Archibald Hill-Rennie
1945 Archibald Hill-Rennie
1946 Archibald Hill-Rennie
1947 Archibald Hill-Rennie
1948 Archibald Hill-Rennie
1949 Archibald Hill-Rennie

Archibald and Alice Hill-Rennie resided here. They had 4 daughters (Elsie, Alice, Jean, and Olive) as well as 3 grandchildren (Valerie, Mary, and Gay).
Archibald was a Builder who built houses in neighbouring suburbs of Mount Hawthorn and Inglewood.
Archibald owned a Hupmobile Four vehicle which he was trying to sell on February 28, 1930 for cash or in exchange for a block of land.
Elsie married Raymond Rodda on 21/01/1932 at the Presbyterian Church on Raglan Road in North Perth.
The Mother Alice died suddenly on 19/07/1942.


Transfer of a motor car-774. Archibald H. Ronnie, 102 Vincent-st. North Perth. Hillman.-listed 3 April 1930.

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