Throssell St 011, North Perth (Also known as 013)


11 Throssell Street is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house

Land size 893 ㎡
Floor area Unavailable
Year built 1935




Also been referred to as 12 and 13 Throssell Street.
Officially referred to as 11 Throssell Street in 1942.


1926: Alfred, Annie, Bert, Cecil & Thelma Povey.
1926: Mrs Francis Stevens
1936: Herman and Kath Kuring (Pat)

Social History

Alfred B. Povey LTD - Locally Made Mattresses

Herman August Kuring, who was born in Ulina, Victoria in 1895 of German descent, served with distinction in the Australian Army during World War I. During World War II, he rejoined the armed forces, becoming the Commanding Officer of the 10th Garrison Battalion on Rottnest Island. In 1941, while carrying out his duties on Rottnest Island, he disappeared, leading to rumours he was a German spy. He was officially presumed drowned.


Thelma Povey.
Povey Family.

Research Links

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