Glendower St 113, North Perth


113 Glendower Street is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house

Land size 377 ㎡
Floor area Unavailable
Year built 1920






1905-1907: Walter Jenyns
1908: Mrs E Barry
1909: no listing
1910-1914: Morris Cohen
1915: Mrs A Coombe
1916: Walter Jack
1917: Arthur J Henwood
1918-1919: Walter Jackson
1920: Samuel Lawrence
1921: William Stokes
1922: Mrs Marie McKenna
1923-1929: William Stokes
1930: Mrs Mary Scales
1931: Winston W Coyle
1932-1935: J W Deane
1935-1939: Mrs Henrietta Mackey
1939-1941: John Westlake
1941-1943: Sydney G Blakers
1944-1949: Arthur H Hollingsworth

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1915-Funeral notice-Jack:"113%20glendower%20street"%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20&searchLi
1930-Funeral notice-Levy:|||l-title=30#
1932-Birth notice-Russell:|||l-title=30
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1946-Funeral notice-Hollingsworth:|||sortby=dateAsc#
1951-Funeral notice-Belien:|||sortby=dateAsc#
Details of car owned by F. M. Stokes of 113 Glendower Street in 1926-27
Stokes F. M. 113 Glendower Street, North Perth Rugby 4566 Metro Private Car 1926-27
Notice of winner of crossword puzzle-Mrs Molly Deane of 113 Glendower St-listed on 11 December 1932.
Notice of winner of crossword puzzle-Nil Desperandum,' c/o. Tom Wheatley, 113 Glendower St., Perth-listed on 30 July 1932.
West Australian Post Office Directory shows Wm Stokes at 113 Glendower Street in 1926,463,426,478;327,528,404,552;241,614,319,632;299,1335,378,1354;424,1747,502,1768;546,125,714,164;573,2425,614,2445;875,2502,953,2524;805,2839,884,2856;1169,1868,1304,1888;1581,2085,1659,2104;1752,2082,1830,2105&pid=820&ssrc=&fn=&ln=113+Glendower+Street+Perth&st=g

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