Vincent St 116, North Perth


Constructed from 1915 to 1920




The house at 116 Vincent Street is a fine example of the Federation Bungalow style built during or immediately after the First World War. It demonstrates that residential development this early in the Interwar period was still using the Federation period models.

The house is set above Vincent Street and is seen to advantage. The single storey dwelling has a hipped roof that features a gablet at the apex and twin front gables. It has a symmetrical fa├žade with a full width bullnose front verandah supported by turned timber posts and decorative brackets. The windows are in sets of three. Low render fence with brick pillars and palisade. Lawn and garden setback None apparent

A MWSSDD Sewerage Plan dated 1915 identifies that the original subject place features a twin front gables configuration, central front steps and a front verandah, which are all extant today. The original weatherboard structure and a fence to house domestic fowls at the northwest corner of the subject lot were demolished and replaced by a brick garage in 1938 and altered into a brick addition in 1983.


Joseph W.J. Croft 1911
Miss R.M. Croft 1924 to 1926
Mrs Myrtle Philip 1927
Miss R.M. Croft 1928 to 1933
Robert W.E. Yabsley 1934 to 1935
Mrs Myrtle Philip 1936 to 1938
Herbert Hodder 1939
William A. Summers 1940
Jessie Summers 1941
Solomon Green 1942 to 1949

Social History

The City of Perth Rate Books indicate that an early owner of the subject place was Mary Ann Tyson who owned the property in 1920 and rented it out. The Wise's Post Office Directories indicate that the tenants at No. 116 Vincent Street changed frequently which inferred that the subject place had been leased out throughout the years. The Wise's Post Office Directories record Joseph W. J. Croft as the first resident at No. 116 Vincent Street in 1911. Between 1924 and 1933 Miss R. M. Croft, a music teacher - possibly a relative of Joseph W. J. Croft, inhabited No. 116 Vincent Street with the exception of the year 1927 in which Mrs. Myrtle Philip was the resident. Then, Robert W. E. Yabsley was the occupant in 1934-1935. The subject place was shown as being occupied by Mrs. Myrtle Philip again from 1936 to 1938. Between 1939 and 1949, the occupants were Herbert Hodder (1939), William A. Summers (1940), Mrs. Jessie Summers (1941) and Solomon Green (1942-1949).



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