Glendower St 123, North Perth


Constructed in 1999


This property is included on the City of Vincent's Municipal Heritage Inventory

Conservation Recommended


The duplex, at 123 Glendower Street, is a fine example of the Late Modern style. It was commended in the RAIA (WA Chapter) Awards - Multi Residential program in 2000.

This late modern duplex dwelling comprises residences with two floor levels. The upper floor contains four bedrooms and two bathrooms in each duplex half with the living areas accommodated on the lower level. The building has carports at ground level, under a steel framed cantilever roof. The first floor walls extend to two stories high in steel framed glass panels and concrete panels with a triangular concrete slab wing dividing the concrete deck. The roof is a skillion sloping from the front to the rear. High steel rail gates- driveways into carports None apparent


1910: no listing
1911-1914: Joseph H Schuts
1915: no listing
1916-1924: Joseph H Schuts
1925: Jonathan Hopkins
1926: George Urquhart
1927-1935: William Brooks
1935-1938: Mrs Gladys Smith
1939-1941: William Olsen
1941-1943: William Preston
1944-1949: Mrs Alice Reid

Social History

Glendower Street was developed adjacent to Hyde Park. The houses shown on the 1897 PWD sewerage plan, fronting the Park along what is now Glendower Street between Lake and William Streets, have all been replaced with later constructions. The majority of residences along Glendower Street were constructed between 1900 and 1940. A weatherboard bungalow was built at No. 123 Glendower Street in 1916, for A. McDonald and the Wise's Post Office Directories indicated that the first tenant was J.H Schutts, a carrier. In 1935 the occupant was Mrs Gladys Smith and in 1949, the last year of the Directories, it was Mrs Alice Reid. Planning Approval for the demolition of the original single storey timber dwelling was issued in 1998 and subsequently the original building was removed for the new development which now occupies the site. No. 123 Glendower Street is a modern duplex designed by David Hillam Architects and erected in 1999 by CME Constructions. It was designed by David Hilliam for his own family who occupy one duplex half which is a mirro image of 123A. The place was commended in the Multi Residential category of the RAIA (WA Chapter) architectural awards in 2000 because of its style and fun-loving group.



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