Vincent St 132, North Perth
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Constructed from 1910 to 1915


Statutory Heritage Listings: Heritage List adopted
Other Heritage Listings and Surveys: Municipal Inventory adopted 13 Nov 1995 Category B


It is a good example of an asymmetrical Federation Bungalow with a high level of integrity.
"A single story hipped gambrel roofed cottage with half-timbered gable over the front room. A verandah extends across a large part of the front of the building, supported by turned timber posts. The chimney is corbelled in face brick. Garden of shrubs obscures the view behind a low brick front fence"(Description from www.stateheritage.wa

Social History

Owners and residents:
-1911 John Tyson was mentioned as a resident of 132 Vincent St (In Post Office Directory), (From 1910- 1916)
-Miss Mary Ann Tyson lived there from 1910 until her death in 1924. She was John Tyson's sister.
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-John Houston Nicholls was there from 1926- 1950. He died in 1950.
1950-Funeral notice-Nicholls:|||l-category=Family+Notices|||sortby=dateAsc#
All of them were also owners of the property.



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On 26th of Dec 1916 John Tyson, a resident of 132 Vincent St. was killed at the West Subiaco Railway Station. He was 71 years old. He was caught between two trains from opposite directions, or was run down while standing on the railway line. Firstly, it was reported that he was missing from his home.
After an accident, it was concluded that the death was due to injuries received through being hit by the engine and that nobody had to be blamed. (The West Australian,06 Jan,1917 Page 6, "Railway Fatality")

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