Vincent St 154, North Perth


Built from 1910 to 1925




The large and impressive house at No 154 Vincent Street is a fine example of the Federation Queen Anne style, and is an important townscape element.

This is a substantial bungalow, built to impress. It is a large house with a tall gabled roof, gabled projecting rooms to both prinicipal facades, a gabled corner entry and a separate skillion verandah to both facades and truncated corner which terminates at the projecting gables. The upper gable is split by a tall corbelled chimney with paired chimney pots. The entry gable has Arts and Crafts style half timbering. The face brickwork is banded at sill and head levels. Although the verandah has lost decorative detail, the place retains a high level of integrity. Garden behind a brick and palisade fence. Plantings obscure views None apparent

Conservation has been recommended for this property.

Social History

Harry V Fry resided up till 1919.
Harold O. Hawkins resided in 1920.
Arthur Christian resided between 1921 to 1925.
Charles and Henrietta Moebius resided in 1925
Charles Moebius resided in 1930 and died 13 August 1930.
Mabel G Birch resided in 1929
Margaret Ellis resided between 1931 to 1932
Mrs L A McCreery resided between 1933 to 1949.
Thomas McCreery resided in 1937
Louise McCreery resided in 1939-1949
Trained Nurses' residential home 1944-1949

Compared with other dwellings built prior to 1910 between the section of Ethel and Fitzgerald Streets along Vincent Street, No. 154 was built in a later stage circa 1912. The Wises Post Office Directories listed Harry V. Fry as the first resident of No. 154 and he remained in residency until 1919. The subject house was then occupied by Harold O. Hawkins (1920), Arthur H. Christian (1921-1925), Charles Moebius (1926-1930), Mrs. Margaret Ellis (1931-1932) and Mrs. L. A. McCreery (1933-1949). Building Licences were issued to E. J. H. Totterdell, W. Dr. Sokolo and W. Sakolo in 1941, 1959 and 1980 respectively to construct a brick wash house, a back garage addition and a pool at the subject dwelling.



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Advert for 154 Vincent Street, adjoining Dr. Mulchay's, high position, seven large rooms', verandahs, wood and gas stoves, high position, bath heater, all con
veniences, 45/ per week. Would lease.Ring Owner, F1728. from 30 September 1930.|||l-australian=y
Advert for NURSES (Cert.), staff positions. Sister Holy welcome A.T.N.A. Trained nurses. West Australian Club. 154 Vincent-street. B1632. from 22 January 1941|||l-australian=y
Advert for Gentleman's Residence, 154 Vincent-street, adjoining Dr. Mulchay*s,seven large rooms, verandahs, wood and gas stoves,
high position, bath heater, all conveniences, 45/per week. .Would lease. Ring Totterdell. Owner, F1728. from 3 October 1930.|||l-australian=y

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