William St 536, Mount Lawley


The subject dwelling at No.536 William Street, Mount Lawley has some aesthetic value as an individual building displaying elements of the Federation Bungalow style of architecture which responds to its elevated corner location. The place is in good condition. Some parts are in need of general repair and maintenance according to the owner. The place has a high degree of integrity as it continues its intended function as a single residential building.



Heritage Assessment: The place has a medium to high degree of authenticity, as the place presents itself in its original state. Some alterations by the owner over the years have diminished its authenticity in parts. The place has some aesthetic value for its contribution to its setting, in terms of its complimentary qualities on the elevated corner, looking towards Hyde Park. This setting however has been somewhat reduced by nearby flats constructed in 1972 and is enhanced by its current garden presentation. The place has little historic value as it plays only a minor role in the evolution or pattern of history in the town of Vincent. No specific links of historical importance have established with this place.


Hocking Planning & Architecture- Management Category B (" Conservation Recommended").
OFFICERS MANAGEMENT RECOMMENDATION: Do not include the place from the Towns Municipal Heritage Inventory- The place is considered to have some aesthetic value for the reasons outlined in this assessment. Given the strong representation of this type of architecture already on the Municipal Heritage Inventory and broadly within the Town of Vincent, as well as the absence of other cultural heritage values, it is recommended that this place not be included on the Municipal Heritage Inventory.

PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: The place is a single storey Federation Bungalow situated on the North East corner of the Vincent and William Streets, Mt. Lawley . Its overall design responds to its corner location as was common with the asymmetrical Federation Bungalow Designs.

The place is constructed of red brick with two white painted banding a hipped tiled roof, crippled return veranda and projecting gables to both street frontages. The front door faces William Street, adjacent to which is large circular glass window and two additional floor length sash windows also open onto the veranda. The veranda ceiling is timber boards. Limestone block foundations have been painted white. A corner window assembly of six casements wraps the corner of the house under the veranda. A bay window also exists under the gable facing William Street. The front garden is accessed via the truncated corner gate set in a low brick wall which has been added at a more recent date. A driveway runs off William Street behind the house. Discussion with a family member of the owner indicated the change from a timber veranda floor to a concrete floor occurred in 1956 along with the installation of the curved and curbed front path and steps which are currently visible. AT the same time , the timber veranda balustrade was replaced with narrow metal railing and geometric fret work.


1898: Frederick Rickards.

Wise's Post Office Directories show Mr. Ernest E. Aspinall as living in the place from its construction in about 1913 to the early 1940s. Ernest Aspinall was a Freemason and was a member of the Hall Committee for construction of the Northern Suburbs Masonic Hall in 1928. During the 1940s various other people lived in the dwelling , including Valaria Snow and Leonard Kelly. The current owners purchased the property in the early 1950s.

Social History

The place has little social value. It contributes in a minor way to the community's sense of place. The place is not rare and does not represent any aspect of cultural heritage of the Town of Vincent that may endangered. The place has little Scientific value. There is no obvious potential for the place to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of the natural or cultural history of the town.


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