Glendower St 007, North Perth


Circa 1910 double brick and iron 3 bedroom house, office nook, 1 bathroom, 1 car bay.




Polished 134mm jarrah floor
Two fireplaces
3300mm high ceilings, decorative cornice and skirting, rosettes and tuck pointed bricks


1905-1907: Patrick Cleary
1908-1909: Andrew Dunlop
1910: Edgar Brady
1911: Alfred Barber
1912-1913: James E Platts
1914: Paul Ferguson
1915: no listing
1916-1917: Mrs M Massey
1918: Joseph Jonathan Kosky
1919: E A J Jones
1920-1921: Joseph Jonathan Kosky
1922: Joseph William White
1923-1924: Albert J Polley
1925: vacant
1926: Clifton A Watkins
1927-1928: Mrs Yetta Zeffert
1929-1930: Leslie Krasnostein
1931: William McK Watson
1932: Mr Smith
1933-1941: Reginald Smith
1941-1949: R Wright

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Notice of Lost, Friday afternoon,: Wallet with notes and return tickets Kalgoorlie, G.P.O., Murray.street, Cottesloe - taxi: Numbers known. Reward, Zeffert, 7 Glendower St. dated 31 December 1927
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1906-Death notice-Cleary:|||sortby=dateAsc#
1908-Birth notice-Dunlop:|||sortby=dateAsc#
1912-Birth notice-Platts:|||sortby=dateAsc#
1925-Birth notice-Watkins:|||sortby=dateAsc#
1928-Wedding notice-Zeffert:|||sortby=dateAsc#
1929-Death notice-Zeffert:|||sortby=dateAsc#

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