Vincent St 078, North Perth

House Numbering Changes

It is most likely that the street numbers for the current (78 Vincent Street) changed multiple times between it's original number and its current one of 78.

Based on best possible information, the number changes for the now 78 Vincent Street (based upon The Western Australian Directory [Wise's] 1909-1923)

1909 - Registered to: Albert Holding, 76 Vincent Street
1914 - Registered to: Albert Holding, 80 Vincent Street
1917 - Registered to: Albert Holding, 72 Vincent Street
1923 - Registered to: Albert Holding, 78 Vincent Street

The reason for these numerous changes in house number, is likely explained by information present in the Heritage listing for nearly neighbouring house (the current) 74 Vincent Street. The information provided states that multiple houses were built on Vincent street in 1913, and subsequent to this significant construction were multiple reorganisations of housing numbers between 1913 and 1917. 74 Vincent Street itself changed it's number on several occasions between 1913 and 1917.




Not listed in the State Heritage list.



Social History




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Property Residency by Family name

This property has residency records associated with the following family names:

(1) Holding Family (Husband: Albert Holding, Wife: Ellen Holding, Children: At least May and Ernest Holding).
- Earliest Post Office Directory registration in name "Albert Holding", in 1909.
- Last Post Office Directory registration in 1925.

(2) Donovan (V. R. Donovan, at least one wife and son of unknown name, details of any other resident family unknown):
- Duration of residence unknown. No apparent records in Post Office Directory [Wise's].
- A public news publication available via Trove, indicates a "V.R Donovan" being resident at 78 Vincent Street, on 13/11/1932.

(3) Dawson (Walter Dawson, Other family unknown but one document possibly identifies a daughter: "Elaine Dawson". If so, this was likely a Dawson family home):
- Earliest known POD registration in name "Walter Dawson" in 1942.
- Last Post Office Directory registration in 1949 (End of Records).
- Historical documents indicate an "Elaine Dawson" resident in 78 Vincent Street Mt Lawley as of 8 Apr 1948. The document (Elaine Dawson's letter published in the children's section of the Western Mail) makes it possible she is the daughter of Walter Dawson. However there is insufficient information to rule on this absolutely.

(Reference for Holding Family residency:,

(Reference for Donovan family name residency:

(Reference for Dawson Family name residency:,

Non-Family Residency

(1) The Checker Taxi Company
- It would appear The "Checker Taxi Company" temporarily took up residence at 78 Vincent street, utilising the building as a business office.
- No certain dates seem to be available, for the duration of the companies residence at 78 Vincent Street.
- The CTC's date of formal registration as a business (Including statement of their office at 78 Vincent St) was August 21st 1927.
- No definitive information but some individuals who may have worked at the company are: Stan O. Brandy, Reuben N. Lane and Geo. P. Pearce.

(Reference for Checker Taxi Company:


None currently.

Records of deaths and births

(1) R.I.P.
DEATH - HOLDING.— On September 19, 1925, at his
residence, 78 Vincent-street, North Perth,
W.A, Albert S., the loving husband of Ellen
Holding, and father of May and Ernest Hold-
ing, aged 77 years. Till we meet again.

The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Mon 21 Sep 1925 Page 1 Family Notices

(2) BIRTH - DONOVAN (nee Green). — On July 21, at Nurse
Ash's Hospital, North Perth, to Mr. and Mrs.
V. R. Donovan, of 78 Vincent-street, North
Perth — a son. Both well. No visitors
until July 30.

The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) Sat 23 Jul 1932 Page 1 Family Notices

Records of car registrations

None currently.

Property associated Records of Military service, including service related wounding/death

None currently.

Property Sale or advertisement records

None currently.


(1) Public contribution from "Elaine Dawson" to the children's letters section of the Western Mail.

In a country school one fine
morn, the teacher- asked a small
boy to tell the class how many
days there were in each month,
He replied:
"Thirty days hath September;
The rest I can't remember.
The calendar hangs on the wall—
Why bother me with this at all?"
A blue certificate to Elaine Daw-
son, 78 Vincent-street, Mt. Lawley.

Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954) View title info Thu 8 Apr 1948 Page 72 COME ON STEVE

(2) Mention of V.R Donovan as prize winner in magazine crossword competition.

V. R. Donovan, 78 Vincent Street Mt Lawley:

Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954) Sun 13 Nov 1932 Page 12 CROSSWORD PUZZLE

(3) License transfer (Exact nature unknown - a "Wayside House license ?"), from David Partington to Walter Dawson of 78 Vincent Street, Mt Lawley.

The Licensing Act, 1911 the (section 54). Application for Transfer. To the Licensing Court for the Narro-
gin District. I, David Victor Partington, being the licensee of the Darkan Hotel at Darkan, do hereby
make application for a transfer of the rights and privileges of the
Wayside House Licence held by me in respect of the said premises to
Walter Dawson of 78 Vincent-street Mount Lawley Hotel Proprietor and
I, the said Walter Dawson do hereby concur in such application,
and request that the said transfer may be made. Dated this 4th day
of March 1948. D. V. Partington, Signature of Proposed Transferor.
W. Dawson, Signature of Proposed Transferee. Darbyshlire. Gillett &
Huelin, Solicitors, Commercial Bank Chambers. 42 St. George's-terrace,

The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954) View title info Sat 6 Mar 1948 Page 23 Advertising

(4) Identification of the Checker Cab Company, as holding offices in 78 Vincent Street in 1927.

Checker Cab Company (W.A.), Limi-ted. — Objects: To carry on the business
in Western Australia and elsewhere of running motor cars or taxi-cars for
hire and transport passengers, and goods and generally to carry on the
business of carriers, etc. Office: 78 Vincent-street, North Perth. Capital:
£5000; in shares of £1 each. Direc-tors: Stan O. Brandy, Reuben N. Lane,
and Geo. P. Pearce. Solicitors: Nairn and M'Donald, Perth.

Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954) Sun 21 Aug 1927 Page 9 NEW COMPANIES REGISTERED


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