Vincent St 082, North Perth


82 Vincent Street is a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with 1 carspace

Attractive brick residence, 3 bedroom, kitchen, breakfast room, bath with en. bath, front and side verandah.

Part of lots 143 and 144 of Swan Loc. 816, approximately 42 ft(9.75m) by 132 ft(40.24m).

Constructed from 1915 to 1930.


This property is included on the City of Vincent's Municipal Heritage Inventory


The house at 82 Vincent Street, is a representative example of a Federation Arts and Crafts cottage showing the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement across the time of the First World War.

Modest single storey detached cottage with a half-timbered gable, a skillion verandah on two sides with decorative timber brackets and triple corner posts. The house demonstrates the transition in styles, which was starting to occur during the period of the First World War with the simplified timber elements derived from the Arts and Crafts style. Garden behind a brick and gothic picket front fence None apparent

Social History

1926-1928: Abraham David Biger Fri 24th Aug was charged for having light weight bread in his possesion. He died in 1932, 38 years old. He died in 30 York St. North Perth.
1929-1930: Algernon Elliot Hope Carlisle, died 1961 aged 77. He was married in Claremont to Isaacena E Nettleton in 1916.
1933-1934: Fredrick J Dettman: died 1964 age 77, in Wembly
1935-1936: Abraham Izac Katts also know as Abraham Catts. Former Palestinian, gave notice, to apply for Naturalization Friday 16th of Feb 1934.
1936-1949: Leon Ritcher: married Rachel L Klein in 1934. had 2 girls,

No. 82 Vincent Street was first listed in the Wises Post Office Directory in 1926 indicating that it was constructed circa 1926. The first occupier of the dwelling was Abraham Biger, who lived there until 1929 when A H Carlise becomes the resident. Throughout the first part of the 1930s Albert Catts occupies the dwelling until 1936 when Mr Leo Ritcher becomes the resident. Leo Ritcher remains at the dwelling until at least 1949 when the Post Office Directories cease. A Building Licence was issued to Mr Ritcher in 1936 indicating that he was also the owner of the property during that time.



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