Vincent St 092, North Perth


92 Vincent street was constructed between Hyde Street and Norfolk Street, opposite Hyde Park and Jack Marks Lane at the rear; in 1914 on lot 139, plan 2861.


This property is included on the City of Vincent's Municipal Heritage Inventory


The house at 92 Vincent Street is a example of a Federation Bungalow style which also has elements of Arts and Crafts influence, indicating the start of the transition in styles between the Federation and Interwar periods.

A single storey detached cottage with a hipped roof with a crippled extension to form a verandah on two sides. The verandah is supported by turned posts and has a decorative timber valance. The central location of the vermiculated chimney in front of the gable shows an Arts and Crafts influence. Garden setback behind high timber fence,

longitude 115.864, latitude 31.936 4 large Bedrooms. 347.401 meters squared. Surrounding the front and right side of the house facing it, is an extensive balcony. White picket fence, and a red letterbox.

Social History

1914 - 1916 Blackmore, Rev., W. B.
1917 - 1918 White, Jos B.
1919 - 1935 Phillips, Henry George died in 1935, aged 62, while living at 92 Vincent Street. Wife, Janet Carmichael, they married in 1898 and had a son called Norman.
1936 - 1937 Fisher, Ernest Alwin, (wife) Anne Mabel, (son) Clement Ernest
1938 - 1939 Mrs. Deimel, Flo
1940 - 1949 Mrs. Kirby, Florence, (Father) Alfred, (mother) Jane. Florence died in 1958, at the age of 67.

The subject dwelling was built for Reverend William Barnet Blakemore who was an American pastor at the Church of Christ in Lake Street which has been since demolished. Rev Blakemore was listed at the dwelling from 1914 until 1917. He returned to the USA and his son became a prominent theologian there. The Wises Post Office Directories show that from 1920 until the early 1930s Mr Henry Phillips resided at the subject dwelling. In 1926 a Building Licence was issued to Mr Phillips indicating that he also owned the property during this time. The Wises Post Office Directories indicate that there was a relatively high turn over of occupancy in the latter part of the 1930s. In 1940 Mrs Florence Kirby took up residency and remained at the dwelling until at least 1949. In 1972 a Building Licence was issued to a Mr Morgan for the construction of a verandah and a laundry.



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longatude 115.864, latitude 31.936 4 large Bedrooms.

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