Fitzgerald St 296, North Perth


Constructed from 1911 to 1914
Land size 496 ㎡
Floor area 180 ㎡
Year built 1920

note alternative addresses for this property are corner of Glendower and Fitzgerald Street and Carmel Corner.

The property consists of a fully refurbished freestanding character office featuring reception, meeting room, six spacious offices, male/female amenities, archive storage room, a courtyard entertaining area and on site car parking.


The property is listed on the municipal Heritage Inventory of the City of Vincent, as having a "B" Category level property. Conservation is recommended, although, subject to approval not essential.


The place at No. 296 Fitzgerald Street is a representative example of an intact corner store in Federation Italianate style and Federation Bungalow style house, that makes a contribution to the streetscape and is a local landmark. Historically and socially it has been a focus of the area as a predominately retail outlet.

The single storey corner store with attached residence has an ornate parapet with ball finials and other decorative elements around the street fronts and corner truncation. The name of the building that was on the corner pediment has been gouged off, but can still be read to have been 'Carmel Corner'. The cantilevered bow verandah appears to be original. The brickwork has been painted. The single storey bungalow is of the most basic form of bungalow, with a large hipped roof, separate skillion verandah, and symmetrical distribution of openings. Prominent corner location- zero setbacks None apparent


Joseph Abramovich 1914
Mary E Keating 1926
Madame Gotlieb 1932
D. Nazarow 1940
Mrs R. Ross 1949
M. Segal 1949

Social History

Fitzgerald Street developed with a mixture of residential and retail/commercial premises, as expected of a major thoroughfare. Perth Town Lot Y285 was still vacant land in 1910, and was owned by George Throssell (1840-1910), a merchant, former Premier of Western Australia and Mayor of Northam. Throssell had arrived in Western Australia in 1850 with his parents on 'Scindian', the first of the convict transport ships. His father was a convict guard and became a police sergeant in Perth. George represented Northam in the West Australian Parliament from 1890 - 1904. He succeeded John Forrest as Premier in 1901 for a period of a little over three months before resigining and returning to the back bench. Throssell purchased the land on the corner of Fitzgerald Street and Glendower Street in 1902. It was situated very close to his Perth residence on nearby Throssell Street which was opposite Hyde Park. The house (No. 15 Throssell Street) still stands today and is listed on the Town's Municipal Heritage Inventory and the State Register of Heritage Places. George Throssell died in 1910 at his home in Northam as a result of a fall and the property in Fitzgerald Street was developed either by his executors or by a later owner. The residence and shop at No 296-298, on the corner of Fitzgerald and Glendower streets, was constructed around 1914. The building first appears in the Wises' Post Office Directories for 1914. The tenant of both the shop and the house at that time was recorded as draper Joseph Abramovich. In 1932, dressmaker Madame Gotlieb occupied both the shop and residence and in 1940 it was D. Nazarow, umbrella repairer. In 1949 the tenants were Mrs R. Ross 'frocks retail' at No. 296 and M. Segal, tailor at No. 298. As small retail premises were overtaken by larger shopping centres, the need for small businesses declined and the place became rundown. It has recently been restored and is currently used as offices.



Research Links

Advert for DRESSMAKING Assistant, smart Improver,wanted. Madame Gotlieb, 296 Fitzgerald St., corner Glendower St. as listed in 8 February 1932.
Letter to the editor from Joseph Abramovich in 11 June 1912 on Dirty Streets
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